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K9 Kibble Products for Pets!

K9 Kibble in Kenosha is a retail store, specializing in high quality products for dogs and cats. We opened K9 Kibble in honor of Precious, our dog, who inspired the store. We adopted her 12 years ago from a local shelter.

Precious Photo

American made products are very important to us. We wanted to provide products with the same high quality as what we purchase for our pets. We also have full line of products for cats. These include an assortment of cat food, treats, toys, and more. All of our consumable items are corn and meat by-product free. We also offer wholesome biscuits for all seasons, amazing treats, functional leashes, unique collars, and other accessories in our boutique-style environment. Toys and bedding, along with grooming products and natural supplements, are also available. We began researching the differences in dog food sold in big box stores compared to independent shops, and found the latter to be drastically better.

At K9 Kibble, we know that Healthy food + Helpful people = Happy dogs! Get the best pet supplies in Kenosha from K9 Kibble today—your dog will be wagging his tail when you return from our store.

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