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American Made Pet Food

Where does your pet food come from? This is a question we asked ourselves and you should too. Why? Manufacturers of pet food sold at independent retailers are typically made in small batches. Many of those manufacturers are located right here in the Midwest!

If your pet could talk, they would urge you to read the ingredients panel of the food you are providing. Is real meat protein sources first on the ingredients panel? Many pets, like people are sensitive to Gluten in Corn, Wheat, and Soy. Nikki hand picks every item in the store and continually searches for additional brands that meet our standards.

In the examples on the map below, we focus on regional and national suppliers that produce their food, treats, and other products locally.

    Where Food Is Made
  • Fromm Family pet food is made here in Wisconsin and distributes their food in several stores in nearly every state.
  • Evanger’s offers dog and cat food, along with treats, with seven product lines to choose from.
  • Jones Natural specializes in dog chews, including beef bones, pig ears, jerky, sausage, and more—give your dog a delicious treat from a brand you can trust.
  • For hypoallergenic, needs Zignature is the brand for you—every formula includes low-glycemic vegetables and fruits, along with trout and salmon. They have a formula for every dog breed, age, and specific needs.
  • American Natural Premium has food and treats for both dogs and cats, made in Wisconsin, with a focus on taste, quality, and affordable prices.
  • Red Paw manufactures food for canine fitness, specializes in formulas for active dogs and using ingredients that promote long-term health.

  • Fromm Family Foods
  • Evanger's Pet Foods
  • American Natural Premium
  • Redpaw
  • Nurtisource Pet Food
  • Zignature
  • Plato Dog Treats
  • Zukkes
  • West Paw
  • Planet Dog
  • Jones Natural Chews
  • Up Country
  • Yellow Dog Design
  • Spindrift

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